The Return of the Blog – #MadeUp Initiative Results!

What a bad blogger I have been – five months without a single post!! The truth is that the killer combo of being ridiculously busy with work, trying to do a bit more exercise and sunnier weather has meant that my sewing career was been put on hold temporarily.

ahhh holidays!

ahhh holidays!

From now on, I’m going to try and post every other week. This seems regular enough to be a ‘proper’ blog, but also not so often that I feel like I have to come up with something interesting to sew in the little time I have! I’ve also got a couple of finished projects backed up that I can blog about whilst I do some actual sewing!

When I saw that Karen from Did you Make That (one of my favourite bloggers!) had set up the Made Up Initiative to support the National Literacy Trust it seemed like the perfect way to kick start the blog back up again. The challenge? To make a donation and aim to make something – anything – between 10th August and 10th September! I chose to make at least one pair of Katy and Laney‘s gorgeous Tap Shorts pattern.

Well, I managed to make not one pair, but two!

The first pair I made were these cool nautical themed shorts using some embroidered anchor cotton fabric I bought from Fabric Godmother. I made up View B on the front, which has a deep pleat, and I went as far as making single welt pockets for the back.



To be totally honest, I found the instructions quite confusing, and when it came to adding the invisible zip and waistband I ended up referring back to my trusty Tilly and the Buttons Love at First Stitch book. The welt pockets in particular blew my mind to the point were I had to cut out a second lot of back and pocket pieces because I went totally wrong!

welting away

welting away, with some sneaky Liberty pocket lining

I did eventually manage to get a hang of them, and I think the final result looks pretty good, even if the contrast stitching in white does show a little…

gratuitous bum shot

gratuitous bum shot

The second pair are made with this lovely Japanese Cotton I bought at Ray Stitch. My normal colour palate is normally quite a bit bold, so it’s nice to have something more subtle in my wardrobe!

so pretty, so soft

so pretty, so soft

This time I made View A and omitted the back pockets.


more sensible shorts

I tried a bit of pattern matching along the diagonal seams down the front of the shorts. It didn’t quite work, but you have to look ever so closely to really notice…

sort of pattern matching

Overall, I’m really happy with my two pairs of shorts, especially having made both of them within four weeks! All in all, the challenge was a really good way to kick off my autumn sewing!


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