The Beast aka Anna progress.

My Anna dress is slowly but surely coming together.

In all her glory...

In all her glory…

I am nicknaming my Anna dress ‘The Beast’; a floor-length, blood-red, thigh-split, hyphenation-inducing beauty.

I had been looking for fabric for the Anna for a while, and had originally thought a cool geometric print could work well (something I still may create). But when I saw an almost shimmery, crimson red chiffon for £1.50 a meter in Brixton, I couldn’t resist! I’m using a lightweight red cotton lawn for the lining, because the chiffon is SHEER, as demonstrated below.



Another reason why this dress is The Beast is that it has given me a lot of pain. I decided to overlock the back seam; you won’t see it so I figured that the white thread that came with the overlocker would work fine.

At this point I was feeling smug about my overlocker skills

At this point I was feeling smug about my overlocker skills

And then, I realised that I had missed a little bit of the chiffon when overlocking. No worries I thought, I’ll just go over it again. And then, disaster.

I sliced right through the dress.



After a minor period of swearing at my stupidity, I set about fixing it, by creating a little dart in the back.

It ended up looking ok, I think?

It ended up looking ok, I think?  Apart from the hideous overlocky mess.

I then finally put the zip in, only for it to break.

frayed zipper tape

I got a bit cross at this point.

Invisible zips are my nemesis, so I’m going to buy another one and try again.

Once that’s done (and because I am a sucker for punishment perfectionist), I’m going to blind stitch the armscye and thigh-split of the chiffon. The lining won’t really be seen, I’ve machined those. I’m also going to do a teensy rolled hem on the chiffon.

I will tame The Beast eventually… She just needs a bit more work!


6 thoughts on “The Beast aka Anna progress.

  1. Jennifer Miller says:

    I think you will surely tame the beast, your Anna looks lovely so far. And congratulations on starting your blog…….I am still trying to figure out all the necessary bits to get up and running, too. Jen in NY

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