Hello, hello.

This weekend has been really exciting for a lot of reasons.

And not just because I bought this amazing Norwegian knit cardigan

And not just because I bought this amazing Norwegian knit cardigan

1) I’ve finally got round to starting up this blog

One of my (many) new year’s resolutions was to start a blog about my adventures in sewing. I’ve been a long-time stalker of many a sewist’s blog, and I thought it would be a good way to get writing about sewing – something I love, but that not many people I know in real life find as exciting as I do. I’m also hoping it might be a way of nudging myself into finding a bit more time to actually sew some things. Which brings us onto…

2) I‘ve finally had some time to get sewing

I’ve been sewing for about a year now. Back in January 2014 I signed up with a friend from work to go to a sewing class run by a friend of hers, Alice formerly of Holloway Smith Noir, now running the Little Black Pants Club. But since the classes finished, I’ve only finished two things: this lovely By Hand London Elisalex in an OTT paisley polycotton bought on Goldhawk Road, and a rushed Simplicity 1726 Kimono-ish Jacket I made for a holiday to Spain with very cheap chiffon-y type material bought in Tooting.

It turns out polycotton doesn't hold pleats that well...

It turns out polycotton doesn’t hold pleats that well…

Paisley + flowers  = heaven

Paisley + flowers = heaven

I even tried pattern matching on this one! It kind of worked.

I even tried pattern matching on this one! It kind of worked.

One of my excuses for not sewing has been that I’m currently part-way through a part time masters degree. For the last three months I’ve spent weekends in the library writing essays, so handing the last one in for a while last week filled me with joy; both that it was done, but also that I could blow the dust of my little Singer and finally finish my BHL Anna dress that I started in September (more on which in a future post). I hate UFOs (or unfinished objects), so coming back to Anna (and sewing) has been really fun, especially now I’m so close to finishing it!

3) I may have bought myself an overlocker

From the first time I used an overlocker in the class that Alice ran, I wanted one. I find finishing seams to be a bit annoying. Although this may be because I keep using chiffony materials which I can’t help but french seam, the thought of having a delicious overlocker to do all that work in 5 minutes is really exciting.

The overlord

The overlocker is a Brother 1034DAV, and it came in the world’s biggest Amazon box.

I’m really excited to play with some knit fabrics. I have this unknown stretchy jersey-type material that I bought on Goldhawk Road, that is going to become a low-back Closet Case Nettie, with any luck.

so pretty

so pretty

I should also have lots left over to play with so suggestions on a postcard please!

Now, to start hand-stitching some Anna armscyes…


4 thoughts on “Hello, hello.

  1. Mel says:

    Wahoo I finally got round to finding your blog, adding it to my feeds and reading all about your adventures! I saw your post about it on Facebook a while go and totally bookmarked it on my phone to checkout – then totally forgot 😦

    Really looking forward to reading more about your adventures in sewing Izy, your creations so far look awesome. I’m a little frightened by Anna, I doubt I’d have the courage nor patience to take on such a task. Good luck!

  2. Prolificprojectstarter says:

    Oh, love the print on that jersery – are they dandelion seed heads? I’m so jealous, jersey options are rather limited where I live and florals abide all around. I reckon something flowey for the left overs I’d love to see it in folds and you won’t get with a nettie!

    • izychampion says:

      Ooh folds sounds dreamy!! I think it is supposed to be dandelions, but even if not, I still love it!! I’m lucky that the wonderful fabric shops of Goldhawk Road are only an hour away by public transport – not quite close enough for last minute temptations, but near enough that I can make a good proper trip of it. I loved your trouser story by the way! 🙂

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